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Ancient knowledge for modern cosmetic products: A journey from Polynesia to Munich

Anakena embodies much more than a natural cosmetics brand. It is an expression of a cultural fusion that combines the heart of ancient Polynesian traditions with modern German know-how. Here you can find out how it all began.

Petra, founder of the cosmetics brand Anakena

The foundation was initiated by the Munich Petra Klimscha whose nearly 30-year fascination with Polynesia informs our corporate ethos. 

The path of the founder of the brand began with the production of cold-pressed soaps in her cottage on Easter Island, where she processed herbs, flowers, fruits and also roots from her garden. Seaweed from the ocean and even some sand from Anakena beach for exfoliation were added to some creations. And red volcanic earth - in the indigenous language. kiea called - for the color in some soap. Soon massage oils, homemade creams, bath chocolates and numerous other care products lined up.

Store Rapa Nui Natural Products on Easter Island

These natural products, handmade with love, Petra and her team sold for a good 6 years in their organic store "Rapa Nui Natural Products" in the only village Hanga Roa on Easter Island. Due to the great success, the cosmetic brand Anakena was born.

With a clear vision in mind, we strove to harness these natural treasures and create high-quality natural cosmetics that bring a piece of Polynesia to your home.

With our location in Munich, Germany, established in 2018, we follow the ethos of to "be different, always striving for the best" in every area of our business. Our goal is clearly defined: To create products that are effective and special, avoiding the unnecessary and adopting a minimalist approach. By working with highly professional production facilities in Tahiti and Germany, we ensure meticulous work processes of the highest standards while committing to sustainability. The result of this commitment is a sustainable and natural skincare range that not only cares for, cleanses and protects your skin, but also protects our environment at the same time.

Petra made several trips to the islands of French Polynesia to discover the beauty secrets from the South Seas, formulas and unique ingredients and bring them to Europe for her cosmetics line.

We are proud of our small but fine range of four products, all of which meet the Certification for natural cosmetics of the internationally recognized ECOCERT COSMOS label. This certification emphasizes our commitment to offer you only the best natural cosmetics - made with natural raw materials.

Our journey transcends geographical boundaries, but the essence remains unchanged - a combination with the highest standards of ancient knowledge with modern science and aesthetics.

Join us on this remarkable journey from the mystical Polynesian islands to the heart of Europe and experience the purity of nature and cultural heritage, carefully crafted with love in our certified natural cosmetics Anakena.

We invite you to discover for yourself the natural elegance and traditional craftsmanship that goes into our products. Click here, to explore our collection and bring a piece of the Polynesian magic to your home and pamper your body with it. Take the path back to nature with Anakena - Natural Cosmetics.

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