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Natural cosmetics from Anakena: sustainability and cultural appreciation

At a time when pluralism, authenticity and the pursuit of sustainability are crucial, Anakena - Natural Cosmetics holds firmly to the roots from which the brand was born: the connection with the traditions and wisdom of the indigenous cultures of Polynesia. Our philosophy, deeply rooted in the rich heritage of the indigenous people of Easter Island, Rapa Nuis goes far beyond the mere production of cosmetics; it is a tribute to the heritage of these guardians of tradition and nature. As the proud owner of the prestigious ECOCERT COSMOS NATURAL certification we are committed to environmentally friendly practices and the promotion of biodiversity to ensure that our products are a testament to our dedication to purity and ethical responsibility.

Our journey is not limited to the mystical shores of Easter Island, but extends across the vast territories of French Polynesia, an unspoiled haven where nature's treasures are preserved in their most pristine state whenever possible. Here, amidst lush landscapes, we discover a wealth of raw materials that characterize our recipes, such as Roucou oil, Gardenia Tahitensis and Monoï de Tahiti with pineapple extract. These key ingredients embody our belief in the importance of regional sourcing. This principle not only promotes the sustainability of our planet, but also the prosperity of local and remote communities.

The philosophy of Anakena - Natural Cosmetics goes far beyond the mere use of local ingredients. Rather, it is an invitation to immerse ourselves in the rhythm of the earth, to follow the seasons and to harmonize our practices with the cycles of nature.

We encourage people to focus on seasonal eating and to familiarize themselves with time-honored traditions and customs that are in harmony with the changing seasons. At the same time, we celebrate the rich diversity of local cultures and strive to live in harmony with ourselves and our environment.

Our approach is more than just cosmetics - it is a way of life that focuses on respect for nature, mindfulness in everyday life and a deep connection with our surroundings. At Anakena, we believe that true beauty comes from this holistic understanding of our relationship with nature and ourselves.

Our inspiration is the women of Polynesia, symbols of independence and pillars of social strength. Their deep connection to their environment, adaptability and resilience shape our brand ethos. Through our products, we strive to honor their heritage and promote practices that support well-being and holistic health.

A key expression of this philosophy is our bestseller Monoï oila "sacred elixir" revered for its numerous benefits. This precious oil, an integral part of the Polynesian massage tradition - "Taurumi" in Tahiti and "Lomi Lomi" in Hawaiian - is not just a ritual of relaxation, but a rite of passage that strengthens the bonds of community and family. From the reassuring touch of a mother's hand on her Childfrom a soothing massage that brings comfort and care to a stimulating massage that revitalizes the soul, Monoï oil is a symbol of love, connection and the passing of care and wisdom between generations.

Immerse yourself in the world of ANAKENA, a certified natural cosmetics brand inspired by the beauty of the South Seas. Experience the fascination high-quality body care products with exquisite ingredientsthat not only nurture, but also promise a journey to tropical climes. ANAKENA - an ode to nature and tradition that invites you to experience the beauty and beauty of the tropics. Wisdom of indigenous cultures to discover.

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