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Inspiration South Seas

ANAKENA is a young certified natural cosmetics brand inspired by the beauty of the South Seas, consisting of shower gel "Skin & Hair", body lotion, face cream and Monoi de Tahiti. First-class natural raw materials are used in the manufacture of our care products to achieve high quality and optimal care effect. Cold pressed oils, organic guava and algae extract and coenzyme Q10 are some of the valuable and highly effective ingredients that make the new care series ANAKENA something very special.

Our vision is to increase the well-being of people while treating the environment responsibly. We are passionate about effective natural cosmetics that meet the highest standards in application and effect, as well as being kind to the environment. This begins with the selection of active ingredients and ingredients to the production and exclusive packaging design. Our philosophy is "inspired" by the certification of Ecocert Greenlife/COSMOS NATURAL. The renunciation of animal testing is just as natural for us as the use of environmentally friendly packaging.

Easter Island Te Pito o te Henua Rapa Nui Paasch Eyland

Easter Island

On April 5, 1722 - that is 300 years ago - the Dutchman Jacob Roggeveen "discovered" this volcanic island, and because it was Easter Sunday, he named it "Paasch-Eyland", meaning Easter Island. Of course, the island already had a name, namely "Te Pito o te Henua", which translates as Navel of the World. Today the island is called Rapa Nui, like its indigenous inhabitants and also their language. The island measures 163 square kilometers and is probably the most isolated inhabited place on earth. And this is where our cosmetics brand Anakena was born.

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Anakena beach Easter Island


ANAKENA is the name of the most famous beach on Easter Island, which belongs to Chile. This beach with its imposing world-famous stone figures - the Moais - is not only the place where, according to legend, the story of Rapa Nui (Easter Island) began, but also the inspiration for the cosmetics brand Anakena - Natural Cosmetics. From this dream place with its magical charm that transmits the mystique of this "jewel" of the Pacific, our brand wants to be a worthy ambassador.
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Wai with face cream Anakena

Be Magic

Almost everyone knows Easter Island, everyone thinks it's great! But which treasures and secrets this strong, self-confident and proud nature people and their island really unite, almost no one knows! Let yourself be surprised and participate from completely new insights and
irkstoffkombinationen from the South Seas.

Be proud!

We take you with this magical natural cosmetics in a new world full of South Pacific vacation feeling, because Anakena - Natural Cosmetics acts not only on the skin, but also on your mind through fragrances and messengers. Over thousands of years, a flora and fauna with extraordinary characteristics has developed in the paradisiacal and natural realms of the South Seas.

Be sweet!

Mango, papaya, guava, pineapple, coconut or roucou have a direct liberating effect on the mind with their aromatic essences. Breathe in, let go, close your eyes and lie on the beach! Because the knowledge passed down orally from generation to generation, the legends surrounding Easter Island and the wisdom of survival has Anakena - Natural Cosmetics for you translated and brings this wealth to your home in the here & now.

Be pure!

Anakena - Natural Cosmetics will prove to you that in nature lie the best recipes for cosmetic formulations. These products do not contain hollow phrases and empty promises. These products will bring you only one thing: That you feel lasting happiness and strength in your skin with a combination of the active ingredient-rich plant world of the South Pacific and the excellent quality "Made with Passion & Brain in Germany".

Group photo Anakena

Be Elegant

Get involved, because this cosmetic works from the outside and inside. Feel as beautiful and confident as you are and develop your full potential. Precious and noble ingredients unleash the magical power "the mana" of Easter Island and give you the power you need for the perfect day. Feel the South Pacific elegance and soak up the richness of the natural active ingredients through your skin! Because the beauty is not only in your face. - Beauty is a light in your heart. Ignite your inner light with Anakena - Natural Cosmetics.

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Shower gel Anakena


Face cream Anakena


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✔︎ No dyes

✔︎ 100% animal testing free

✔︎ Free from parabens, GMO-free 

✔︎ No hormonally active substances︎

✔︎ Skin compatibility dermatologically tested 

✔︎ All products are suitable for women and men

✔︎ Always the highest quality level in our active ingredients and ingredients 

✔︎ Free from silicones, kerosenes, phthalates, microplastics and mineral oils 

✔︎ certified natural cosmetics according to the COSMOS standard certified by Ecocert Greenlife. 

✔︎ The shower gel skin & hair, the body lotion and the face cream are developed and manufactured in Germany

✔︎ Shower gel skin & hair are Monoï de Tahiti are 100% vegan, face cream and body lotion are only not vegan,
because they contain beeswax. 

Certified natural cosmetics

Effective ingredients

Honest claims

Respect for our planet

Environmentally friendly packaging

Certified natural cosmetics

Effective ingredients

Honest claims

Respect for our planet

Environmentally friendly packaging

Because a radiant inside leads to radiant skin.
This is where the "positive aura" of a happy person comes from.


✔︎ certified premium natural cosmetics at fair prices

✔︎ dermatologically tested and with clinically proven efficacy.

✔︎ sustainable and gentle on the environment, environmentally friendly packaging

✔︎ Free shipping in Germany from 60 EUR

✔︎ free expert advice on the phone and by email


Enthusiastic customers are our reference!


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